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international space station wikipedia - the international space station iss is a space station or a habitable artificial satellite in low earth orbit its first component launched into orbit in 1998 and the last pressurised module was fitted in 2011 the station is expected to operate until at least 2028, san diego international airport home - 10 02 2018 airport authority hires domenico d ambrosio as vice president of marketing innovation and read more 09 27 2018 san is now one of top 10 airports in north america for carbon emissions reduction read more 09 24 2018 san diego international airport s innovation lab welcomes first group of innovators into n read more 09 18 2018 san diego international airport contributes, which airline is the best to work for flight attendant - ruth says august 26 2015 since i was a kid i wanted to be a flight attendant but my goals and life perspective started to change at some point that and the fear for flying made me think that this life wouldn t be for me