Mutiny On The Amistad The Saga Of A Slave Revolt And Its Impact On American Abolition Law And Diplomacy -

slave mutiny on the amistad historynet - 6 12 2006 american history magazine around 4 00 a m on july 2 1839 joseph cinqu led a slave mutiny on board the spanish schooner amistad some 20 miles off northern cuba the revolt set off a remarkable series of events and became the basis of a court case that ultimately reached the u s supreme court, united states v the amistad wikipedia - united states v schooner amistad 40 u s 15 pet 518 1841 was a united states supreme court case resulting from the rebellion of africans on board the spanish schooner la amistad in 1839 it was an unusual freedom suit that involved international issues and parties as well as united states law the historian samuel eliot morison described it in 1969 as the most important court case, freeman institute black history collection oldest piece - the white house communications agency whca secret service association of international schools in africa aisa association for the study of african american life history asalh, cuba de esclavos ex esclavas cimarrones mambises y - 352 pages cuba de esclavos ex esclavas cimarrones mambises y negreros uploaded by