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out of pocket expenses idioms by the free dictionary - out of pocket expenses fig the actual amount of money spent alludes to the money one person pays while doing something on someone else s behalf one is usually paid back this money my out of pocket expenses for the party were nearly 175 my employer usually reimburses all out of pocket expenses for a business trip, out of pocket expense log feeding matters - out of pocket expense log this publication was developed in part with funding from the health resources and services administration hrsa maternal and child, what are out of pocket costs accountingcoach - out of pocket costs are those costs or expenses that require a cash payment in the current period or during a project for example the wages of the person setting up a machine for a new production run are an out of pocket cost however the cost of the lost opportunity to be producing profitable output during, out of pocket expense log maryland - c child s health record expense log out of pocket expense log use this log to track expenses incurred that are not covered by insurance make sure to save all receipts for tax purposes, out of pocket expenses legal definition of out of pocket - out of pocket expenses n moneys paid directly for necessary items by a contractor trustee executor administrator or any person responsible to cover expenses not detailed by agreement, out of pocket expense wikipedia - out of pocket expense in the united states out of pocket expenses for such things as charity medical bills and education may be deductions on us income taxes according to irs regulations to be out of pocket is to have expended personal resources often unexpectedly or unfairly at the end of some enterprise, out of pocket costs wellmark - by using last year s expense as a guide you can get a general idea of how much to budget for some of your reoccurring out of pocket costs of course the unexpected can happen you get sick, create an out of pocket mileage log expensein help centre - my expenses web portal create an out of pocket mileage log create an out of pocket mileage log this article will explain how you can create a mileage claim if you pay for the fuel and get reimbursed for your mileage written by jack updated over a week ago, out of pocket costs healthcare gov glossary - your expenses for medical care that aren t reimbursed by insurance out of pocket costs include deductibles coinsurance and copayments for covered services plus all costs for services that aren t covered, out of pocket maximum limit healthcare gov glossary - out of pocket maximum limit the most you have to pay for covered services in a plan year after you spend this amount on deductibles copayments and coinsurance your health plan pays 100 of the costs of covered benefits