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windows powershell cookbook 3rd edition pdf free it - book description how do you use windows powershell to navigate the filesystem manage files and folders or retrieve a web page this introduction to the powershell language and scripting environment provides more than 400 task oriented recipes to help you solve all kinds of problems, powershell documentation microsoft docs - learn how to use powershell powershell is an open source project and available for windows linux and macos learn the latest powershell tips and tricks from the community and dr scripto join in on the discussion and engage with the powershell community on twitter upvote comment and submit, windows server 2008 install windows powershell - powershell microsoft s replacement for the commandline is included with windows server 2008 but you do need to install it here are the steps you need to take to get powershell up and running on your server 1 click start and select server manager 2 when the server manager window appears go, windows 7 enable execution of windows powershell scripts - by default the execution of powershell scripts is disabled in windows 7 this will prevent you from not only executing any of your own scripts but also will prevent the windows powershell modules located in administrative tools in the control panel from working, activate windows server 2016 virtual machines using - introduction a while ago i wrote a blog post on how to automatic activate windows server 2012 r2 virtual machines using powershell you can read about it here the script was written based on windows server 2012 r2 guest virtual machines and requires powershell remoting to be set for each vm, windows powershell cookbook replace text in a string - welcome powershell user this recipe is just one of the hundreds of useful resources contained in the windows powershell cookbook 3rd edition, windows powershell cookbook work with the registry of a - welcome powershell user this recipe is just one of the hundreds of useful resources contained in the windows powershell cookbook 3rd edition, how to automatic activate windows server 2012 r2 virtual - how to automatic activate windows server 2012 r2 virtual machines via powershell hyperv powershell, how to update configuration manager site code with - did you move domains recently or reconfigure your system center configuration manager sccm maybe you ve found your config manager site code broken here s a one liner that shows you how to update a sitecode for sccm with powershell this assumes that you ve got sccm running and, converting to size units kb mb gb tb and pb without - hello everyone after some time here is the brand new brain teaser we hope you will like the challenge in powershell we can convert from bytes to kb mb gb tb and pb using the multipliers, chef executable chef docs - use the chef generate app subcommand to generate a cookbook structure that supports multiple cookbooks as many as needed to support an application supports a top level instance of kitchen that can be used to test each cookbook in the application, install the xenserver powershell snapin on a 64 bits - as i m discovering the cli options i can revert to for scripting automated jobs for the xenserver 5 5 environment i wanted to check out the new powershell snapin provided by citrix, detecting and preventing powershell downgrade attacks - with the advent of powershell v5 s awesome new security features old versions of powershell have all of the sudden become much more attractive for attackers and red teams the simplest technique is powershell version 2 command or of course any of the version abbreviations, i love powershell get powershell convertto blogpost - finding out which net framework version is currently installed is not something that most people think of every day however if you are a windows server administrator managing web servers that run net web applications then making sure that your servers are running the correct version can be very important, syntax can i get to work in powershell stack overflow - in cmd means execute command 1 and if it succeeds execute command 2 i have used it for things like build run tests in powershell the closest thing you can do is, quick windows server hardening with chef infrastructure - cis center for internet security publishes prescriptive server hardening documents which provide guidance for establishing a secure system configuration on platforms such as windows server, configure winrm to execute powershell script on a remote - use the winrm service to execute powershell script on a remote machine in azure that is under arm, download ssrs parameterized reports in pdf with powershell - here s a short powershell script that 1 connects to your report server 2 loops through a set of parameters stored in an array 3 saves the pdf version of the report to a local folder with appropriate names, responding to usb devices in powershell lee holmes - 4 responses to responding to usb devices in powershell tim writes no 1 december 7th 2010 at 8 43 am lee how do you determine what to put after sourceidentifier i m trying to customize this for my ipod, powershell updated admx translation script virtues it - as i explained in my previous post i have been working on a fun powershell script to translate admx files into a csv file to document the different gpo settings you can make this gives you a quick reference document for the policy settings that are pushed in a production environments or a nice overview of the policies your design documents advice to be set, paste into excel from powershell stack overflow - can you be more specific about exactly what is not working do you know how far it gets successfully if you have a value in a1 instead of a multi column range is the script successful i deal with powershell and excel frequently but am not able to assist without more detailed information gms0ulman may 25 17 at 11 15, windows workflow foundation wikipedia - windows workflow foundation wf is a microsoft technology that provides an api an in process workflow engine and a rehostable designer to implement long running processes as workflows within net applications the current version of wf was released as part of the net framework version 4 5 and is referred to as wf45 a workflow as defined here is a series of distinct programming steps, hands on with mdgp 2018 rtm before deploying the - microsoft dynamics gp 2018 rtm has now been released in this series of posts i will be stepping through the installation of microsoft dynamics gp and additional products and then will move on to taking a look at the new functionality which has been introduced